McCravy Realty

About Us

McCravy Realty Affiliates was established in 1995.  The company adheres to the guidelines of The North Carolina Real Estate Commission, The Board of Realtors, and Federal and State Statutes and Regulations.

Maxine Shaw McCravy is Broker in Charge, taking over from Verna McCravy, the company founder.  There are currently three active brokers, so the company is small in number, but big on service, delivering personable, concerned, and ethical service.  Each agent fulfills fiduciary relationships with elevated standards of loyalty, skill, care, and diligence.

McCravy Realty Affiliates serves both buyers and sellers.  For listing purposes and assisting buyers to purchase, the company uses Carolina Multiple Listing Services, Inc., Real Estate Books, Social Media, and the company website.  

McCravy Realty Affiliates has established relationships with local banks, mortgage companies, builders, specialists, and other professionals.  They are active in the community, to promote, network and heighten awareness.

McCravy Realty Affiliates has a reputation for fulfilled and quality service.  Even challenging properties and buyers are most often moved and assisted through capable company agents.  With McCravy Realty Affiliates, we treat you like family.